Authored by Fabian Kowatsch

FOSS4G 2019 Lab Example 2: Looking at the attributive completeness of the road network of Bucharest and Vienna

Full lab presentation: 2019-08-28_foss4g_lab.pdf

Software Requirements:

Estimated Time:

  • 5 minutes (variable depending on size of data)

In this example, the road network of two cities are compared with each other using two measures: the total length of the roads and the length of the roads having the maxspeed tag. To send the request and store the response, we use cURL via the command line. The spatial boundaries can be downloaded via and then combined locally.

combined GeoJSON for Vienna and Bucharest:

cURL command:
curl --data-urlencode "bpolys@boundary.GeoJson" -d "@params.txt" -X POST -o response.json

params.txt file content:

Link to example 1:

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