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Steps in order to push fresh geojson files.

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......@@ -29,3 +29,17 @@ UPDATE reference.scanned_locations SET geom_json = CAST(ST_AsGeoJSON(geom) AS JS
# Get a Gateway to be used as an IP to connect from Geoserver. Find a line saying "Gateway": "". Use this as an IP Address.
`docker inspect postgis-container`
# In order to push new files, make sure the following points are in place.
1. Geojson file must have weightage properties set to > 0.
2. Coordinates should be in x, y and z format.
3. Geojson file should be executable. Run the following cmd to make them one.
`$ chmod +x file.geojson`
4. Use the following command from root dir in deepVGI server to push these files (note that you don't need to be inside docker container)
`curl -v POST http://localhost:3010/upload -d @missingOSM-webpage/db/data/results/task_dict_testing_mozam_tweet_5.geojson --header "Content-Type: application/json"`
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