Commit 99c7528f authored by Sven Lautenbach's avatar Sven Lautenbach
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updated database

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......@@ -179,13 +179,13 @@ def run():
new_data_df = get_trials_df_from_url()
# remove wrong case NCT04256395
studies_to_delete = ["NCT04256395", "NCT04226157", "ISRCTN51287266", "NCT03042143", "NCT03891420",
"EUCTR2019-002688-89-ES", "EUCTR2017-001100-30-DE"]
"EUCTR2019-002688-89-ES", "EUCTR2017-001100-30-DE", "NCT04389372"]
for study in studies_to_delete:
new_data_df = new_data_df.drop(new_data_df[new_data_df['TrialID'] == study].index, axis=0)
# for some studies that have been running for a while and have now been updated to incorporate COVID-19
# as well the suggestions by Markus Reis and Konstantin is to use the date in "Last Update Post" instead
studies_updated = ["EUCTR2015-002340-14-NL", "NCT03331445", "NCT04061382", "NCT03680274", "NCT03808922", "NCT03042143"
, "NCT04092478", "EUCTR2018-004318-16-DK", "NCT03648372"]
, "NCT04092478", "EUCTR2018-004318-16-DK", "NCT03648372", "NCT02765191"]
needsUpdate = new_data_df['TrialID'].isin(studies_updated)
new_data_df["Date registration"] = np.where(needsUpdate,
new_data_df["Last Refreshed on"],
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