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Removed see on map link

parent cd032c5b
......@@ -127,12 +127,11 @@ function circleMarkerClick (event, map) {
let lat = geometry.coordinates[1]
let lng = geometry.coordinates[0]
var center = {lat: geometry.coordinates[1], lng: geometry.coordinates[0]}
let link = `${lat},${lng}/@${lng},${lat}/data/%7B%22layer%22:null,%22country%22:null%7D`
var popupContent = `
Name: <b>${}</b></br>
Description: <b>${properties.description}</b></br>
Study type: <b>${properties.study_type}</b></br>
Location (lat,lng): <b>${lat}, ${lng}</b> - <a target="_blank" href='${link}'>See on map</a></br>
Location (lat,lng): <b>${lat}, ${lng}</b></br>
Date: <b>${properties.time}</b>`;
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