Commit 3c30deae authored by Benjamin Herfort's avatar Benjamin Herfort
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update trials

parent b88aceb3
......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ def run():
# TODO: this is currently broken! You need to provide as csv file manually.
new_data_df = get_trials_df_from_url()
# remove wrong case NCT04256395
studies_to_delete = ["NCT04256395", "NCT04061382", "NCT04226157"]
studies_to_delete = ["NCT04256395", "NCT04061382", "NCT04226157", "NCT03331445", "NCT03680274", "ISRCTN51287266"]
for study in studies_to_delete:
new_data_df = new_data_df.drop(new_data_df[new_data_df['TrialID'] == study].index, axis=0)
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