Verified Commit de379fc6 authored by Michael Auer's avatar Michael Auer
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workaround for unstable handling of input geometries by Ohsome API

parent ce82899c
......@@ -255,7 +255,14 @@ class Ohsome2X extends EventEmitter {
let axiosError: AxiosError = e;
delete; //avoid logging bpoly data
if (axiosError.response) {
if (axiosError.response.status == 413) {
if (axiosError.response.status == 413
//workaround for topology exceptions issue in ohsomeAPI
//error happens here:
//see also:
|| (axiosError.response.status == 500
//other messages also occur &&'non-noded intersection')
) {
//try reducing fetch size as long as possible before failing
//check if minimum fetch size alredy reached
if (fetchSize <= 1) {
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