Verified Commit ce82899c authored by Michael Auer's avatar Michael Auer
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fix problem when source table has multiple geometry columns

parent b9fab0a9
...@@ -150,8 +150,9 @@ export class PgFeatureType extends FeatureType { ...@@ -150,8 +150,9 @@ export class PgFeatureType extends FeatureType {
-- ordinal_position, -- ordinal_position,
column_name, column_name,
CASE dtype = 'geometry' CASE
WHEN TRUE THEN (SELECT dtype FROM geom_cols) WHEN dtype = 'geometry'
THEN (SELECT dtype FROM geom_cols WHERE geom_cols.column_name = cols.column_name)
ELSE dtype ELSE dtype
END AS dtype END AS dtype
FROM cols FROM cols
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