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......@@ -26,7 +26,9 @@ The task presenter defines how you tasks are presented on the pybossa webpage. W
Each level has a list of tasks. The tasks are stored in a .csv file.
The fields defined in the header of the tasks file are case sensitive. The tasks will be loaded in PyBossa.
More information on the point cloud data for the tasks can be found here:
### Data
For our case study we utilize full waveform airborne laser scanning data which was captured in Vienna, Austria, during the city-wide LiDAR acquisition campaign in the winter season 2006/2007 under leaf-off conditions. The scanning system employed was a Riegl LMS-Q560 using near-infrared (1550 nm) laser with a pulse width of 4 ns. The area of interest covers an urban environment including several non-vegetation objects such as fences, cars and some Christmas market booths in the centre of Vienna. The ALS data were further processed and segmented applying the method described in (Höfle et al. 2012). Overall, our data set consists of 834 individual point clouds of in average 1,848.5 points (stddev: 2,051.4 points).
The results of the crowdsourcing experiments can be found in the data folder.
Data is stored in .txt format.
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